SASSA SRD Reconsideration Appeal online

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SASSA SRD Reconsideration Appeal online
SASSA is giving Declined people chance for appeal. This ‘SPECIAL APPEAL‘will start working on Monday 27 June 2022. To appeal, use the same link that you’ve used to apply this SRD grant. (more will be reviled on Monday)
This ‘SPECIAL APPEAL’ is for Declined applications who applied from April to June only, not from the previous phase.
There is a new website that will be used for R350 grant appeals. The website will only be activated on Monday 27 June 2022.
The new website where clients can submit R350 grant appeals The new system for appeals only applies to rejected R350 grant applications from April 2022 onwards. Old R350 grant appeals are being processed by SASSA.
Clients will be required to have a valid ID and Cell Phone number to access the new R350 grant appeal’s website. They will also need to submit an appeal for every month that their R350 grant application was rejected.
Clients will also need an internet connection and data to lodge an appeal. No appeals will be done via WhatsApp, cell phones or any other means of communication.
The tribunal said clients will be required to submit an appeal as soon as possible so that the client can receive a decision from the tribunal within 90 days.
SASSA is busy with the approval of April and May months. Statuses will start changing from pending to approved with dates from 27 Monday, and it’s payments start this week also.
The application has been declined because the information provided during the application process on the online application form, indicates that the applicant is already receiving the flow of funding, income or supports of funds with is more than R350. 00 per month or the applicant stays in the government facility and therefore doesn’t qualify for the grant.

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