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Decline Reason and Meaning
1. alternative_income = The applicant has an income flowing of more source identified than R595 per month.
2. identity_verification = The personal information provided does not
failed match Department of Home Affairs details.
3. Existing_sassa_grant = The applicant is a current recipient of a Social grant.

4. nsfas_registered = The applicant is receiving a benefit from National Student Fund Aid Scheme.

5. uif_registered = The applicant is in receipt or eligible for an
Unemployment Insurance Fund benefit.
6. gov_payroll = The applicant is in employment in a government
registered institution.
7. age_outside_range = The applicant does not qualify for the grant due to not meeting the age requirement.
8. referred_linked_risk_ = A fraudulent application has been received from mobile this cellphone number.

9. referred_safps = The client is registered as a perpetrator of
fraud with the South African Fraud Prevention
10. Debtor = Probably owing some institutions such as SARS, CIPC and etc. due to non compliance.
If you’re not satisfied with any decline please call or reconsider. That’s the only solution. 1. Active but no payment? Wait for approval.
2. Approved but no pay date? Wait for the date.
3. Any kind of decline? Reconsider.
4. How long does reconsideration take? It depends on the number of reconsideration.
5. Will I get paid all money from previous months? Yes.
R350 Grant Declined : This is How to Appeal: If your R350 grant application has been declined, you can make an appeal. Sassa already have process in place to follow
How To Change SRD Grant Payment Method 1. Go to 2. Scroll to ‘How do I change my banking details’ 3. Submit your ID Number 4. An SMS containing.

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