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https://youthupdates.co.za is a website that provides unemployed youth with vacancies available at the moment. since unemployed youth they are lazy to research from different sources that are advertising jobs, we https://youthupdates.co.za with the willingness to help the community we research and check how legit it is and we collect and make it easier for unemployed youth jobs applicants.

We dont have any offices however you can able to communicate with us.


Help unemployment peoples was founded by Rabelani Mudau who is a Bachelor of Science in Communications graduate from the University of Limpopo. Rabelani always has a thing for helping unemployment people accessing information to be successful in their careers and related fields.


To provide student with more information that are related with jobs only. And reduce youth unemployment in South Africa and assist student on how to apply jobs online. Young person in South African should be left behind on accessing information.


Our mission through this website is to provide valuable information to assist students in their careers fields. To help them on how to access information on jobs and other careers update.