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Company Secretary

Phaki Personnel Management Services

Pretoria, Gauteng


Posted 05 May 2022
Closing Date 11 May 2022

Job Details

Department : Government

Minimum experience : Director

Company primary industry : Government Administration

Job functional area : General Business

Job Description


Create, maintain and effectively manage the formal administrative framework, secretarial and auxiliary services, with due cognisance of the relevant legislation under which the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee can make the necessary resolutions and decisions in accordance with accepted principles and procedures. Provide guidance to the Board and Directors regarding their duties, responsibilities, business ethics and corporate governance issues. Assist the Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer in determining the annual Board plan and other administrative issues


Sign (certify – true, correct and up to date) the Secretarial Statement in the annual financial statements and ensure that a copy of the financial statement is forwarded to relevant parties that are entitled to it in terms of the Companies ActMaintain a good record of the statutory books / returns, that they are completed accurately and submitted timely viz. register of members of the company, register of directors, minute books, attendance registers at the various meetings, et cetera and comply with all other administrative regulations in terms of the Companies ActScrutinise all transfer forms, powers of attorney, et ceteraEnsure that adequate contact is maintained between the Board and the executives of the company and communicate to both parties on each party’s requirements, agenda formulation, policies, changes, et ceteraProvide guidance and induction to the Executive Committee members / directors of the Post Office concerning their duties, responsibilities, powers, business ethics, corporate governance and how it should be discharged in the best interest of business and the shareholderAdvise executives and directors about legislation relevant to or affecting the company and report at key meetings on company compliance or non-compliance


Honours Degree in the field of functionality (Legal, Chartered Secretary) (NQF Level 8)


Minimum 6 to 8 years’ experience in a large or complex organisation, preferably in the function of corporate secretary

Knowledge and understanding of:

Member of Chartered Institute of Secretaries Relevant legislation e.g. Companies Act, PFMA, etc.Regulatory reporting, company policies, statutes, rules, regulations, etc.Strategy development, deployment, planning and communicationsProject management (principles, practices, techniques and tools)Organisational development, management techniques and good business practices FinancialManagement Value Chain ManagementRisk and Compliance management

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