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Jobs Careers At Nandos 2024-2025


The welcoming family

Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity, Family, and the love of great chicken, are the values we live by and when you live by them too, it’s hard to go wrong. Work hard, play hard, and make the best chicken in the world – that’s what makes this PERi-tastic!

How do I send my CV to Nandos?

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How can I get a job at Nando’s? We’re always looking for people with fire in their bellies and passion in their souls to join our team! If you want to work for a dynamic and fiery organization, please email your CV to Nando’s Customer Care at customercare@nandos.com or click here on careers to see our current vacancies.

Can I have a CV with no experience?

If you have little or no work experience, and therefore no work-related achievements,try to draw upon academic or extracurricular achievements that highlight your skills. Make sure to keep the achievements on your CV professional. Your achievements should go before your hobbies and interests section on your CV.

Current Vacancies

Hot Opportunities await you. See current opportunities or register your CV for future roles.


To apply, simply SMS NANDOCAS to 37672. SMSs cost R1.50 each. You will need 11 SMSs to complete your application.

About Us

The Nando’s Way

When you say howzit, heita, or hello at a Nando’s, the one thing you’re guaranteed to find, besides our legendary chicken, is a warm South African welcome and a smile to make you feel at home.

Each one of our restaurants has its own unique design, but they all have earthy textures and colors that remind us of our sunny Afro-Portuguese roots and feature original, local South African art and unique design touches that make it the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the best food you’ve ever tasted.

Afro-Luso beats and friendly service add to the vibe, and then there’s the secret ingredient – our flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.

We’ve set the eating experience on fire and we can’t wait for you to join our table because if there’s one thing we love as much as PERi-PERi, it’s lots of people to enjoy it with!

We work as a team, we help each other and we keep the value of Nando’s whatever we are doing. We’re family because we work together. I love being at Nando’s I enjoy every single moment.

In my life I have never experienced the vibe and respect like Nando’s and helping people develop, especially the managers are perfect.

Nandos trained me well on how I can treat other fellow Nandocas, how to deal with customers, and even how to present myself to other people.

The Casa is my second home I have laughter, joy, and different experiences at work which keep me going and wanting more.


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