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How To Get Your RDP Home 2024


How To Get Your RDP Home 2024

Difference between RDP and Government Subsidized Housing

Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP):

  • Initiated by the South African government under President Nelson Mandela in 1994.
  • Aimed to address social issues such as housing, clean water, sanitation, and electricity.
  • Provided government-subsidized housing known as RDP houses.

Government Subsidized Housing:

  • A program offering beneficiaries the opportunity to acquire houses built and provided by the government through a subsidy.
  • These houses were commonly referred to as RDP houses.

Qualifications for Government House:

  • South African citizenship.
  • Contractual capability.
  • Marital status: Married, cohabiting, single with dependents, single military veterans without dependents.
  • Monthly income below R3,500.01 per household.
  • First-time government subsidy recipient and homeowner.

Essential Documents for Qualification:

  • Applicant and spouse‚Äôs identity documents.
  • Birth certificates of children.
  • Proof of income (e.g., salary slip).

Application for Government Housing Subsidy:

  • Provincial Department of Human Settlements or Local Municipality.

Waiting Period for Housing Subsidy:

  • Varies locally, typically takes at least two years for housing development to be completed.

Fees for Application:

  • No fees charged.

Transfer of Subsidy House Location:

  • Possible, but waiting lists must be re-joined in the new area.

Divorce or Separation:

  • Circumstances evaluated by MEC; new subsidy may be provided if eligible.

Single Applicants with Dependents:

  • Eligible if over 21 years of age or previously legally married.

Selling Government Subsidy House:

  • Illegal before residing in it for a minimum of eight years.
  • Beneficiary may only sell back to the relevant Provincial Department of Human Settlements.

Follow-Up on Application:

  • Recommended to follow up at the office where the application was submitted.

Ownership Papers and Registration:

  • Beneficiary registered on government housing database.
  • Title Deeds received after eight years.

First Home Finance:

  • Program for affordable first-time homeownership opportunities.
  • Offers subsidies for individuals earning between R3,501 and R22,000 per month.
  • Allows purchase of existing or new residential properties or vacant serviced residential stands.

Qualifications for First Home Finance:

  • RSA citizens or permanent residents over 18 years old.
  • Never benefited from Government Housing Scheme before.
  • Approval in principle of home loan from accredited South African banks.

Important Documents for First Home Finance:

  • RSA ID or permanent residence permit.
  • Birth certificates/RSA IDs of financial dependents.
  • Proof of income.
  • Home loan approval in principle/grant letter from an accredited lender.
  • Agreement of sale for residential property.
  • Building contract and approved building plan (where applicable).

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